Individual Leadership Self-Assessment

The Individual Leadership Self-Assessment instrument (ILSA) is a 360° process designed to provide insightful, critical friends feedback in a variety of leadership settings to serve as a vehicle for a leader’s self-development. A major difference between this and other 360° leadership assessment approaches is the addition of measures of dispositions – the core human elements that are the first things we remember about the best leaders with whom we have worked and those same elements that allow top leaders to be more effective in building positive and productive working climates and relationships.

To obtain the most useful and authentic feedback regarding your leadership, identify ten or more colleagues (the more you invite, the more accurate will be the results) with whom you have worked to serve as your critical friends. Include a balance among professional colleagues, supervisors and individuals who have served with you in your leadership positions. Your critical friends will respond to an online survey that is identical to the survey you complete. When ten or more critical friends have responded, you will receive a graph comparing your perceptions with the composite of your critical friends. Thank you for participating in this beta test.

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This tool was developed for and is used in a doctoral program for eduational leaders and is owned by the National Network for the Study of Educator Dispositions ( In return for the free use of this tool, we would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions for improvement. Thank you.